Home and Business Safes

There are many types of safes on the market fulfilling a range of different requirements and we are here to help you decide which product will provide you with the best solution. Many safes provide a certain degree of fire safety. There are deposits safes anti-hold up safes, cash management safes, safes with time delay lock and many other specialist safes all designed to fulfill a particular requirement. Why not get in touch, our trained staff will be happy provide advice on all your security needs.

Home Safes

We provide a range of safes. HOME SAFES are ideal for moderate security in the home when properly secured to the floor and or wall. DOOR: Heavy 12mm steel plate with rear dog bar to ensure security even if hinges are cut through. BODY: Heavy 6mm steel reinforced with steel bar all around front edges. MOUNTING: All models are provided with 2 x 15mm holes in back and base for fixing with 4 masonry anchors. There are many other alternatives, give us a call, we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Commercial Safes

There are safes made to suit any  business which include Restaurant safes, Deposit safes, cash management safes, small mini deposit safes, anti hold up safes with time delay locks, strongboxes with posting slots, and many more. Why not speak to one of our experienced staff who will be happy to run through the alternatives with you.

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