Master Key Systems

Restrict and control access

We are specialists in the construction, design and installation of security master key systems which restrict and control access to your business premises. These high security access control systems are highly customised to suit individual business requirements.

Our system of choice is BILOCK EXCLUSIVE master key security system is manufactured by the Australian Lock Company with a long history of maximum security locking systems.

The systems exclusive factory allocated codes mean unprecedented key control and ultimate security with better access control and the need for fewer different keys. This security is available to your organisation with true flexibility and unbeatable economy.

Leading security since 1980 and now to 2035 and beyond. The main features are:

  • The tumbler has a 12 pin program
  • High security moving elements within the key
  • Almost impossible to duplicate
  • Only your nominated locksmith can cut keys
  • Colour coding throughout the keys delivered, allows easy identification
  • There are options for Braille inscriptions and company logos can be embossed into the key head


Recognised to the highest standard

For over 30 years BiLock has been the market leading choice for high security applications in installations as diverse as the Royal Australian Mint, international airports, Las Vegas casinos, Bank of America, military and security establishments as well as industrial and civic sites large and small.

It has been recognised to the highest standards including the official government security advisor Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC).

BiLock system can be used for virtually any lock in your organisation, and all your existing lock hardware. This means better access control and the need for fewer different keys. This security is available to your organisation with true flexibility and unbeatable economy.

And BiLock Exclusive is protected by a 20 year patent life that protects against imitation or replication to 2034.

Applications range from every type of door lock to padlocks, rim locks, switchlocks, mortise cylinder locks, cabinet locks – almost all locks!

Your security system is readily expandable, and of course earlier BiLock sites are easily upgradable to BiLock Exclusive.

Apart from unprecedented protection, a major advantage of BiLock Exclusive is the user’s ability to change any lock core in an instant with the special re-engineered next generation Quick Core Change key (Patent 2013204530)

This vastly minimises the duration of any breach through lost keys or other incidents and offers top level security at enormously reduced servicing and maintenance costs.


The addition of a high tensile steel anti-drill barrier as standard protects BiLock Exclusive against drilling and other forms of penetration, making it compliant to AS4145.2


22 keyhead colour choices can be used in 8,500 combinations to create secure key identity to your exact needs. Keyheads can also be MiFare chipped for intergration into access control systems.

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