Key Cutting

Lost Keys Emergencies

Locked out is no fun, we understand the inconvenience, call us, we can help and provide  a fast key cutting service to get you up and about once again.

Car key replacements

If you loose your car keys it can be extremely inconvenient, whatever your vehicle if you have found yourself with out a means of starting your engine we can help

Padlocks & Safes

Our  padlocks and safes are suitable for both domestic & business applications. From  electronic to keypad systems we have a solution for every security problem.

Repairs and duplicates

We can repair or replace domestic locks and re-key a whole series of different locks so as to provide one key that fits them all. If you have recently move replacing old locks is always a good security measure.

Lost Keys

Whether you be locked out of your home or business,  lost the keys for a particular storage or security device you can count on us to provide you with duplicate keys with little or no damage to your property or locks.

New Premises Locks and Keys

If you’ve moved into a new home it’s probably a good idea to re key the locks.You don’t know how many other keys have been produced with previous owners & tenants, and may still be in the possession of other people. We can easily re key your locks and provide you with a new set of keys, call us today for more information.

Our services include:

For all your security lockouts

It is no fun getting locked out

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